Hiding Seams with Antron Fleece

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The first time I saw Antron fleece I thought it looked too pilly and worn.....I was working as a Flintstones character at the time and the costumes that year had be re-designed.  I was not impressed. Where they had previously been covered with fleshtone faux fur, they were replaced with Antron. Since that introduction all those years ago, it has now become one of my favorite fabrics and I absolutely love it for mascots and puppets!

Why you ask? I will tell you.

Antron fleece is stretchy, VERY easy to work with, accepts dye incredibly well (I like to use RIT brand dye), and hides seams beautifully!  Hiding seams (as you know) is a must have in the mascot and puppet world.

To hide the seams you're best off to hand sew them closed using either a ladder or baseball stitch, however you can still hide machined seams with a bit more work.

Once you have your seams sewn together you can pick the seams out using a needle (which in my opinion takes forever) or you can fold a small piece of Velcro (hook side) and gently move it back and forth in the seam to lift the fabric and fill the seam in.  

In this image of a hog ear you can see the seam along the edge is almost gone just from the hand sewing but not quite.  In the middle image I have a small piece of 2" wide Velcro (The hook side) that I've folded in half and I'm just gently working the hook into the seam and lifting the fleece to fill it in.  You can rub the lifted fleece afterwards to blend it in even more.  As you can see in the final image, the seam is gone!

Antron Fleece Seam

You can also use a piece of the hook side Velcro to refresh Antron if it starts to look too pilly or matted.

Now get building!


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