About the Weird Kid...

The Weird Kid is...um..well, weird! And proud of it. In fact, it's the main reason for their success today. While other kids were out skateboarding, playing soccer or just getting into trouble, Weird Kid was in the basement making character heads out of crumpled newspaper and packing tape, and cutting up their parents' clothing to sew together costumes for his creations. And we bet there's a little of that weird kid inside you too!

So here you are at the Weird Kid Store for mascot and puppet building supplies. You're probably a bit giddy that you've found a great source for all those specialty materials that you've always wanted to work with but just haven't been able to purchase in small quantities. Well now we make those items available to you so you can also celebrate being weird!. Actually, it's not weird at all. People like you are darned creative and the more tools you can have at your disposal means your final product will be that much more awesome!

When you're not shopping from our catalogue, be sure to check out our blog page for tons of information, tips and tricks from our experts. Also don't forget to like us on Facebook.

Happy building! Be creative...be weird.