Ahead of the Curve

Posted by John Kernaghan on

When you first start using a curved needle, it might feel a bit like driving on the other side of the road at first, but once you get used to it....there will be no turning back!

If you've ever tried to hand sew something in a crevice or keep two pieces of fabric flat while hand sewing with a regular straight needle you know it's a pain.  You either end up with much bigger stitches then you want, or you have to pull the fabric so far away from what you're sewing that it never looks quite like you imagined.

Curved needle to the rescue!  

With a curved needle you can easily get the tip of the needle in hard to reach spots and make a tiny stitch while keeping the fabric flat.

The series of pictures below shows how I keep an ear positioned on a mascot head, dig into one side of the fabric, do a gentle little twist with my wrist to make a small stitch, exit the fabric and continue with my ladder stitch to secure the ear to the head all while keeping the ear in the position that I want with my left hand.


Now all I have to to is pick the antron fleece to disguise the seams, and this ear is ready to hear...well....you know what I mean. ;)

Now get building!


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