Esther? No, not your auntie...I'm talking about foam!

Posted by John Kernaghan on

Esther foam has to be one of my favorite foams to carve - mainly due to its ability to be rigid enough to hold up to carving and rasping while remaining soft and flexible.

For this reason I love to use it to make mascot feet, puppet bodies, and puppet limbs.

As you can see in the first image below the foam is soft enough that i can press my thumb into it and it fully recovers.  In the second and third image you can see how precise it can be cut through using an olfa knife.  The final image shows a mascot foot that has been carved out of esther foam.

Esther foam can be easily glued using 3M Foamfast 74 glue.  Simply spray both surfaces with a light coat of glue, let stand until tacky and press together.  For best resuts, I recommend glueing the pieces together and letting the pieces dry overnight to let the glue dry out really well.  If you try to carve through the glue spots too early you'll find that it "gums" up your blade. 



Now get building!


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