Foam Fast 74 Glue...I'm Stuck on You!

Posted by John Kernaghan on

Glue is such an important part of building mascots and puppets and the kind of spray glue is crucial to your success.  I struggled for a long time using 3M Super 77 mainly because it was easy to find and I really liked it's strength and the fact that it's basically clear however, I can't stand the misting!

As you may or may not know this type of spray glue loves to mist.  Since most of the time we only want glue in a very specific spot, this can be very troublesome.  Not to mention that it sort of gets on everything and can be a pain to clean up.

And thats where my love affair with 3M Foam Fast 74 begins.  This glue has the same (if not better) adhesion quailities and you can really control the volume and direction of the spray!

Check out the image below to see how I've been able to control both the amount of glue that comes out of the can and get a very specific edge.  The first image shows a thin stream of glue that comes out when the nozzle (seen in the center image) is set to "L" for Low while the final image shows the wider spray of glue that comes out when set to "H" for a higher volume.  Note that even though the volume is higher I still maintain a specific edge.... that's what I call true glue love!

As I mentioned in my previous post "Upholstery for sitting", this foam works great for adhering foams, fabrics, and some rubbers.  The only word of caution I would give is that if you are going to be putting white fabric over top of your final product this bright orange glue might show through. You can get around this by using the clear version of this glue which (although a bit more smelly) works just as well.

It's also important when you are using any type of adhesive to make sure and read (and follow) the warnings on the can regarding proper ventalation and consult the manufacturer's website regarding safety information for the product.

Now get building!


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